Unfinished Business

35mm Me

That’s right – I didn’t finish the photo of the day challenge remembering, at the point I had stopped, that I don’t like doing  them. Now, I’m a big fan of social networking and I sign up to most things. Every site has different types of people and different atmospheres about them. So I give (whatever it is) a try until I have gotten enough of a feel for it to stay or just delete my account. This ‘challenge’ was much the same, I got a feel for it and decided that it was more for Instagram. I tried, but just could not  get into it.

Photos are interesting. When something has caught a persons attention enough that they want to share it, or it is something they want to remember – I am instantly curious. Taking photos from a list rarely interests me, because it’s not a fair exchange… and anyway it’s my blog, I can do whatever I want. *wink*

NOW – I have my own list that I have put together to complete and I will post it, one by one, in time. Unfortunately when I went to take the first photo last night, my balloon popped and it was the only red one. *sigh*

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