Playing Catch-Up

Summer holiday is a funny thing, despite my best efforts time seems to disappear. I manage time with maximum efficiency when I have less of it to squander.

I was lucky enough to photograph Scott and Vickie’s wedding on July 21st in Oldmeldrum (which I have posted the updated photos in my wedding gallery). In between rain showers (though it POURED once), the weather mostly behaved itself. The bride was impressively calm from start to finish, and it was a lovely day with children running around and plenty of family and friends. The ceremony at the church was beautiful and then everyone celebrated into the evening at Meldrum House, it made me swoon. Gorgeous!!

NOW – it’s the last day of July. I have decided that I will do the August “Photo A Day Challenge”. For any of you who might want to as well the daily subjects are as follows:


  2. ONE
  3. COIN
  5. LOGO
  7. 8 O’CLOCK
  9. MESSY
  10. RING
  11. PURPLE
  12. SPOON
  13. SIMPLE
  14. ARROW
  15. READY
  16. FOOD
  1. FACES
  3. HOLE
  4. TODAY
  5. COOL
  6. HOME
  7. PAIR
  8. PATH
  9. FRESH
  10. DREAM
  11. TAP
  12. CLOCK
  13. DOWN
  14. CARD
  15. HIDDEN

There will be a lot of little posts from me, for the next thirty-one days.

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