Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie

My daughter Caitlin had to have her hamster Sammy put down last week. He had a tumour and it was for the best, but unfortunately she hadn’t had him very long. SO after her tears dried she decided that she wanted another hamster.

We thought about it and decided on the idea of going to the Scottish SPCA. They had some young hamsters newly in so went along on Saturday and had a look.

The animals were kept in clean, sizeable cages and were all very well looked after. The person on duty that day was nice enough to show Caitlin some of the other animals, which he knew all by name, background and temperament. It has completely converted me to getting any of our pets from there in the future.

Caitlin went away with Charlie, an eight week old hamster whose owners found themselves with after an “unexpected” pregnancy (discovered after buying their hamster). He was well handled so is really friendly, interactive and has a lovely temperament.  He’s cute too! Completely black apart from a white line under his chin and white paws that look gloved. (He looks like a tiny bear wearing a suit!)

I encourage you all to consider getting your pets from the Scottish SPCA as well. The entire process was a positive one, and my ten year old holds it as one of her favourite experiences.

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  1. AC November 26, 2012 at 3:34 am #

    Poor Sammy 🙁

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