December in October?

December in October


It snowed this week. I know that you already know this, unless you live under a rock, but even if you do you’ll have Facebook and SOMEONE would have mentioned it. The first snowfall is always striking. Not so much in how it looks, because the flakes are more slushy than fluffy, but more in how everyone reacts.

The children wanted to build a snowman (they had to resort to plan B though and rake up leaves and play in those instead), panic stricken people rushed to the shops and cleared off shelves expecting to be trapped in until February, and there were people who reacted like I did and were happy to stay in pyjamas for the day and drink hot chocolate (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one).

It’s raining now though everything is back to normal in time for the end of the October holiday on Monday… What happened to those two weeks, they flew by in a bit of a blur? I did manage to get a few things done in between catching up on things too boring to mention, including portraits and orders and (quite excitedly) sorting out my website.

Hopefully you’re at least a bit better rested than you were when it started… you’ll need to be. First thing Monday is going to be a struggle.


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