Clean sheets

When I originally set up my website I had this idea that I had to have pink in it so that everyone knew that I, Leslie, am a girl. It’s not an issue as such, but it seems to be brought up here in Scotland more than it ever was/has been in Canada. It seems to have a stronger male association here… or maybe they were just trying to make conversation? Anyway, I’m clearly over that and have gone for clean white. I have also popped in a (NOT) Instagram page, because I have random photos of things that have caught my eye which I have taken with my camera – not phone – and edited myself; which I thought you might like a look through. It’s also possible that I have been looking at Oh Comely for too long. Whatever the reason though, I’m happy with my decision and hope everyone approves of the new look and likes the new page.

Sometimes it’s nice to revisit old photos. I was asked to provide an older photo (that was originally a colour copy) in black and white for someone. It’s funny how everything comes back to you when you look through photos from an old shoot. I remember Freya was looking for owls in the trees and had told everyone that she was going to be a model that day…She was adorable!


The end of this year has been a bit manic. It will be through to Christmas for me unfortunately so I haven’t advertised any fall offers. I am planning to put a push on offers and advertising in the early New Year though so keep an eye out for those.

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