Ah… the memories.

Two months ago I was in India and it was fantastic! I decided that I should put in a bit of time to go through personal photos I had taken while I was there and, of course, share some with you.

One thing that is in the background of every memory you take away with you, are the vibrant colours:


The second has to be the pace of life. True there is a lot of movement of vehicles and people, however it has a calmness and order to it and India is actually a very easy place to relax in:


Lastly, it has to be the sky. You really have never seen anything like it, and I wish I could have done it justice:


It was SO HARD to choose the photos I liked the most, and this was just a taste of the hundreds of photos I had taken while I was there. Fortunately I can put as many as I want in the photo book I’m assembling.

– Leslie –

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